Zmorph Shape is a table-top vacuum thermoforming machine. Well-thought-out ergonomic design allows you to work safely on the device without additional protective measures such as gloves. Non-contact measurement using a pyrometer and modified turbine makes the thermoforming process efficient despite the compact form. The professional construction made of aluminum and steel guarantees long and reliable work. You can work with a wide range of materials, and the popular A4 size is sufficient for most applications.

2899 EUR / 3199 USD


Electrical parameters

Power supply 230 [V]
Maximum Power 2540 [W]
Maximum temperature 190 [°C]
Dimensions of the A4 film 297 x 210 [mm]
Maximum film thickness 3.0 [mm]
Types of films HIPS, ABS, PVC, PETG, PP, PC, PMMA, PE, PET and others
Max. working area for a convex model 155 x 240 x 100 [mm]
Max. working area for an intaglio model 170 x 260 x 100 [mm]
Internal vacuum turbine 2000 [W]
Control panel Touch control
The proprietary control program The proprietary control program
Construction Aluminum and steel
Dimensions 510 x 360 x 480 [W]
Weight 15 [kg]