About Zmorph

We make 3D printers that deliver. Polish manufacturer of all-in-one Zmorph Fab and high-performance Zmorph i500.

Zmorph started in 2012 in Wrocław, Poland. The company focuses on delivering reliable solutions for education and industrial applications. Zmorph 3D printers are available all around the world with official partners on all continents.

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Globally recognized 3D printers that deliver.

Our Mission

We listen, learn, improve and make it happen.

Our Core Values

01 / Partnership

We work with globally recognized partners to deliver the best products aimed at demanding customers. We know what the user wants and we know how to address that.

02 / Responsibility

Zmorph products are reliable and provide repeatable results. As a company we want the users to feel they have the best product in class.

03 / Development

We constantly research new solutions and refine our products.

Executive Team

Andrzej Burgs

Zmorph in Timeline

First version of the Zmorph multitool 3D printer was made by the Zmorph founder - Przemysław Jaworski - based on the RepRap Mendel model.
First Zmorph Multitool 3D printer
Zmorph is officially registered as a company and begins the production of first Zmorph 3D printers that will be sold later. The company is moving to a new headquarters.
Zmorph moving to a new headquarters
The first version of Voxelizer. Zmorph 2.0 is presented at Cebit in Hannover.
Zmorph at CEBIT in Hannover 2014

An updated version of the multitool machine - Zmorph 2.0 S is officially presented at Cebit 2015. Later this year, the 3D printer makes an appearance at Maker Faire and 3D Print Show Paris / London.

Zmorph 2.0 S Multitool 3D Printer
The first model of Zmorph 2.0 SX with magnetic covers, Closed Loop System and interchangeable worktables is produced.
Zmorph headquarters
Zmorph starts developing an automatic calibration system and the development of model VX starts. The next iteration of the machine is presented in September at TCT Birmingham.
Zmorph presents Zmorph VX Multitool 3D Printer at TCT Birmingham 2017
Zmorph starts working on a high-end 3D printer for professionals aimed at industrial applications that will later become Zmorph i500.
Zmorph undergoes a complete rebranding and releases a new all-in-one machine - Zmorph Fab. During the COVID-19 pandemic the company helps local hospitals by 3D printing medical equipment.
Zmorph presents an all-new Zmorph i500 - a high-performance 3D printer for industrial applications.