Zmorph i500 is a high-performance 3D printer engineered for efficiency and built to last.
 Find more information about our class-leading 460 x 300 x 500 [mm] build volume professional printer.
8900 USD/EUR


High-performance 3D
printer for top efficiency
and reliability.
zmorph i500
Industrial-grade machine with large build volume.
Maximize throughput and productivity in your workspace.
Cost-effective solution for low volume production, custom tooling, and rapid prototyping.


Three tools in one device
for learning and
zmorph fab
Turn your desk into a workshop with 5 toolheads and 3 workflows.
Click to work - out of the box ready.
Designed for reliability.


Our products are already used by 643 consumers.
Read selected reviews.


Our products are already used by 643 consumers.
Read selected reviews.

ZMorph’s machines have been a long-standing fixture in the all-in-one category, with the Polish company specializing early and honing their craft across several generations of devices.


ZMorph is indeed a brilliant multitool 3D printer, which performed very well across all functions, especially for 3D printing.

3D Printing Industry

The ZMorph VX is a machine that will exclusively target users (private or professional) looking for an affordable hybrid press that combines 3D printing and CNC/laser machining for a variety of projects.

3D Natives

The Zmorph VX line of printers lends itself to education marketplaces thought is versatility, build quality and price point


The feedback we have received from private and government schools has all been positive and we have had many customers come back to add additional ZMorph VX’s to their fleet.


First of all I want to notice that ZMorph is very popular in high schools and Universities, it contributes to education process a lot. ZMorph is really simple to use, it provides opportunities to our customers to implement their projects and ideas. ZMorph has all modern funtctions so that we can use it with other equipments.

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