ZMorph use cases

ZMorph use cases

Whether it's making your product perfect before the big launch, a research project or something fun and useful for your home, no other machine gives you more versatility than a ZMorph. 


ZMorph’s Sample Pack

Useful multi-material gadget made entirely on ZMorph 2.0 SX.
3D printed shoes - header

3D Printed Designer Shoes

Fashion that never compromises functionality.
Swiss Cheese CNC Lamp

Swiss Cheese CNC Lamp

Simple design to illuminate your room.
ZMorph 3D printed orthosis

3D Printed Orthosis

Working prototype of a custom-made rehabilitation device.
ZMorph 3D Printed Two-material neon

3D Printed Two-Material Neon

Great way to invite passersby to visit your company.