ZMorph’s Sample Pack

Useful multi-material gadget made entirely on ZMorph 2.0 SX.

Manufactured entirely on ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer, this unique Sample Pack presents all of our product’s capabilities in a nutshell.

ZMorph Team


Back when ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer was still in development stage, we already started thinking about presenting its capabilities with a unique multi-material sample pack. It had to utilize all three digital fabrication methods - 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving. Assembled from various objects, that combined together creates an innovative, diverse and functional product, it would be like the machine it was made on. We wanted to create something that stands out, so we decided to make a wine cork with exchangeable heads.


For the cork, we used 1.75 NinjaFlex SemiFlex (color: Midnight Black) and printed it with 1.75 mm Plastic Extruder. It fits all types of bottles and keeps them shut, so the wine inside doesn’t lose its savor. Two Star Wars-inspired heads were later manufactured with a DUAL PRO toolhead. The light one combines two 1.75 ABS ZMorph filaments (colors: na1, bk1), which is a rather standard mix in everyday 3D printing. For the dark head, we used 1.75 PLA ZMorph filament (color: bk1) and ColorFabb Glowfill that actually glows in the dark.


With the CNC PRO toolhead, we milled two beech blocks and engraved them with a laser, to create an elegant case. We then closed the case with a flexible strap and a plastic pin 3D printed from 1.75 NinjaFlex SemiFlex (color: Midnight Black) and 1.75 PLA ZMorph filament (color: bk1) with a 1.75 Plastic Extruder. With ZMorph’s Sample Pack we managed to create a useful multi-material gadget that demonstrates the full range of capabilities of the machine behind it. We also invite you to visit our special landing page where we will soon release the source files!