Swiss Cheese CNC Lamp

Swiss Cheese CNC Lamp

Simple design to illuminate your room.

ZMorph 2.0 S mounted with a CNC PRO toolhead allowed me to manufacture precise plywood parts that fitted perfectly without the need for gluing them together.

Mikael Hansson


Mikael decided to create a unique lamp for his apartment. He wanted to use wood to achieve a natural feel of the object making it similar to folk crafts. At the same time, the shapes and shadows cast by the lamp would remind him of planets floating in the universe. The design and shapes prepared for cutting in plywood were inspired by… holes in a Swiss cheese.


The 2D design was transformed into G-codes with Voxelizer software. ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer mounted with a CNC PRO milling toolhead was later used for cutting the shapes in plywood. The material was glued with a double-sided tape to the table, so it wouldn’t move during cutting. The casing was closed, so the sawdust wouldn’t scatter around the workshop and Mikael had to wear protective goggles all the time.


After CNC-cutting of all eight elements of the lamp, Mikael was able to put them together without using any kind of glue. ZMorph 2.0 S helped him in manufacturing very precise plywood parts with complex round shapes on them. The results is an impressive interior design element that shows its beauty after sunset when the Swiss cheese-inspired universe floats around the dark room. Download the source files for free and try to built it yourself!