Laser engraved portraits

Laser Engraved Portraits

Painting with a high-tech creative beam.

Engraving high-quality portraits with a laser toolhead is a perfect example of modern art mixed with the advanced technology offered by ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer.

Matt Olczyk


Light painting is a well-known imaging technique in which artists use long exposure shutter speed. Matt Olczyk is a photographer by passion who decided to use a similar technique for engraving images on wood. With the help of ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer equipped with a laser toolhead, he engraved portraits of famous people on plywood boards. While preparing to do this, he adjusted the contrast of all and then launched the Voxelizer software to prepare them for printing.


The laser portraits were based on transformed JPG files. Once they were imported into Voxelizer software, the artist transformed them in G-codes by using the Image Etching option. Portrait settings remained editable so they could be adjusted before sending files to the ZMorph printer. One of the most important settings was the speed of laser engraving. Softer materials like plywood require a very high speed of engraving while harder ones need to be laser-cut much slower.


Working with an active laser beam required Mateusz to remain very careful. He also had to wear protective glasses and make sure in advance that his workshop is properly protected against fire. Engraving portraits with a laser toolhead mounted on ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer ended with outstanding results. Photos with a perfectly balanced level of contrast were engraved with an amazing level of details. Perfect to hang in a living room.