Human Sized Sculpture

3D printing and 3D scanning used to create an amazing 1:1 scale human sculpture. 


3D printing technology with its granularity allows you to create complex and demanding objects. Designing a 1: 1 sculpture, the GMN Design Bureau wanted to show that 3D printing has unlimited possibilities, and postproduction allows you to produce any desired effect. The challenge was to create a unique design that was achieved through the use of the 3D scanning, development of multi-part printing and merging technologies, and the final antique styling, combined with modernity.


GMN Design Studio - Get Models Now with the use of scanning technology and 3D printing has created a large format human project in a 1:1 scale. The scan application allowed the man to be digitized and reproduced in a manner as close as possible to the actual character. The next stage was merging individual parts of the model to get actual human size sculpture.


Postproduction has made it possible to create a unique male model by giving it the natural form and shape that characterizes the presented character. 3D printing and postproduction process makes it possible to create faithful copies of reality, including human figures. The whole project was done in 30 days.