Filament winder

Filament Winder

Useful 3D printed tool for your workshop.

ZMorph can help in improving your everyday work. Filament winder, which can be used also for cables and ropes, is the perfect example of such 3D printed solution for your workshop.

Matt Olczyk


3D printing brings us simple solutions for difficult problems. In the beginning of our company, we used to receive filaments on big, heavy and unequal reels which made the transport and handling of them very inconvenient. This is why we needed to find a good solution for shipping, storage and everyday use of the filament on smaller, equal in length, standardized spools.


Matt Olczyk designed and manufactured a unique tool for us. To use it we had to strap the filament to the lower part of the device and attach its end to an empty standardized spool above. The upper part was a simple frame with bearing and a handle, allowing to turn the whole axis while winding the filament. The whole construction was 3D printed on ZMorph multitool 3D printer in two colors for visual reasons and from ABS plastic to give it the needed strength.


This device improved the entire workflow in our company at the time. Instead of long hours it now took only about 10 minutes to wind a whole spool of filament. The filament spool-tool also had a wider range of everyday applications as nothing stood in its way for swindling ropes, cables, and even chains. This made it a perfect example of how 3D printing can successfully be utilized in a workshop or office.