3D printed interactive sculpture


3D printed interactive sculpture.

Five ZMorph machines were busy printing the elements of this art installation around the clock for three full months.

Przemyslaw Jaworski


Design studio Bridge was challenged with designing an interactive sculpture combining algorithmic design, 3D printing and video mapping. The entire parametrically generated multilevel installation had to embellish the office of Platige Image, enable displaying video designs and engage everybody who comes across this work of art.


Thanks to a dedicated algorithm used to generate the entire shape, each cell was placed at a favorable angle so that the video projection could easily reach all of its geometric intricacies. Biostagog sculpture consisted of 3160 single cells, which were then divided into more than 800 parts for the 3D printing process.


In order to manufacture Biostagog, five ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer worked constantly for 3 months. After assembling the installation in Platige Image’s office, the entire sculpture reached the first floor of the building. 3D printing technology wasn’t only a manufacturing tool in this case but also an important part of a modern design process.