World's Biggest Baroque Frame

The making of a baroque-style frame for a 5.5. meter mirror.


Futurustic, vintage, wooden or metal, every mirror needs a frame. The mirror at Posnania Shopping Centre in Poznan, Poland needed an impressive 5.5 meter frame. Moreover, the frame was to be a notable decoration of a VIP lounge at centre. The Get Models Now studio already had similar projects in their portfolio, but never that big. 


Get Models Now studio and their client decided on a beautiful silver baroque-style frame - no easy talk. However 3D printing made the project feasible in a reasonable amount of time and resources. Thanks to this technology, imitating baroque's splendorous style was only a matter of a proper 3D model, and the parts would be lightweight and easy to post process. What's important both to the studio and Posnania, the material of the frame would be eco-friendly (PLA). 


The frame consisted of 88 parts and it took 3 days for 12 ZMorphs to print them. Together with post processing and the work of 5 people in total, the project was completed in 7 days. The final effect was a stunning 5.5. meter silver frame, a true eco-friendly jewel at the VIP lounge of Posnania Shopping Centre.