Customized Arduino Cases

They protect the electronics and look really cool.  

Makers, engineering students, and professional engineers can use multitool 3D printers to customize their projects and give them a unique feel, whether fun or elegant.

Paula Szarejko


Many engineers and makers look for reliable and easy-to-use means to manufacture various custom-made and fitted items, especially when they want to add a unique feel to them. One of such examples could be these customized Arduino cases. For Paula Szarejko creating them was not only a challenge but also a chance to try using various materials and customizing their parts depending on the purpose of each casing.


The best way to make unique Arduino cases was mixing 3D printing, CNC milling, and various materials together. For a gaming-related project, Paula designed and 3D printed a case resembling an arcade table and a set of Pac-Man pins. The second case was CNC milled in 2 and 6 mm thick plywood, while the third one was cut in various colors of 2 and 6 mm plexiglass. Translucent top covers were also engraved using a smaller drill.


Pac-Man pins added a unique feeling to the gaming-related case without compromising its functionality. While the wooden box can hide the electronics in a stylish home interior, the most colorful plexiglass case would stand out in every workshop and in classes. With a variety of materials and fabrication techniques offered by ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer, making customized objects like these Arduino cases is easier than ever before.