Multi-Material Architectural Model

High-quality concept model to present an idea in a tangible way.

Even the best 3D rendering won’t replace a physical model that can be touched and observed from various perspectives. Multi-material digital fabrication gives architects new possibilities to quickly design, prototype, and present their ideas in a tangible way.

Paula Szarejko


Inspired by the works of Zaha Hadid and her studio, Paula Szarejko designed a futuristic house and its surroundings. Instead of ordering the model from an expensive third party contractor, she decided to look for a quicker and more cost-effective method of creating an architectural model that is both beautiful and useful. She decided to make it herself using ZMorph 2.0 SX. Its interchangeable toolheads gave her the ability to choose materials that suited her ideas best while she remained in full control over the manufacturing process.


Paula could 3D print the entire landform but decided that CNC-cutting it in plywood would give it more natural feel. Trees were laser-cut in a paper for similar reasons. The main building was 3D printed in one piece using DUAL PRO extruder. Gray PLA was used for walls while translucent PLA imitates glass. 3D printed terrace around the pools was covered with laser-cut floors while openwork garages were CNC-cut and put along the road. This combination of materials and techniques transformed into a truly unique architectural model.


The model is four times bigger than ZMorph’s working space showing how this desktop machine can be used in big scale projects. It took only 3 days and less than 200$ in material costs to build it. Paula was able to go beyond single-material 3D printing and achieve results previously exclusive to hand-made models at a fraction of time and money. Owning a multitool 3D printer can easily become a valid competitive advantage for all professionals and architectural studios wanting to create similar concept models for their bold ideas.