3D printed age simulator

Age Simulator

Created for designers to better understand the needs and limitations faced by older people.


Age Simulator is a multi-part and multi-stage project whose indirect goal is to make life easier for elderly people. Get Models Now design office together with the Faculty of Wood Technology at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan has taken the gloves in the fight for a better and fair future for seniors around the world.


The suit was designed after many hours of analyzing the movement of a 75 year old woman who performed daily activities - walking, bending, crouching, sitting on a chair, getting up, climbing stairs or reaching objects from the shelf. Every smallest detail in her movement was noted and transfered to the design of the suit. The creation of the suit was possible thanks to the use of mixed techniques: among other things, 3D scanning, 3D modeling and plastering. In addition, it’s the world's only age simulator made in 3D printing technology.


Originally, the suit was created for furniture designers in order to help them understand the needs and limitations faced by older people. It will definitely enable the production of more ergonomic furniture, thanks to which the life of seniors will become simpler and more comfortable. Furniture, however, isn’t the only field in which the suit will find its application. It’ll also prove to be an ideal working tool when designing public transport vehicles, homes, clothes or cars. It will also be helpful in arranging the surroundings of the urban space.