ZMorph 3D Printed Two-material neon

3D Printed Two-Material Neon

Great way to invite passersby to visit your company.

The effect of our work is amazing – we’ve created an eye-catching neon, which will shine in the front of our office. The cost of whole project was many times lower than traditional outdoor advertising.

Paula Szarejko


Most 3D printing machines using the FDM technology are limited to using one color and one material at a time. ZMorph changed that with the new DUAL PRO toolhead, which is a perfect choice both for two-colour and two-material 3D printing. Paula Szarejko, a designer at ZMorph, gave us an idea to make an eye-catching outdoor sign. As we were discussing the design, we knew it had to be connected to the things that we do in the company, so we decided to print the sign with ABS materials using our new DUAL PRO extruder. This gave us the possibility of two-color printing from different materials with low costs, fast iterations and finally – a unique effect.


The neon sign was based on ZMorph’s logo. We’ve prepared it for printing using our own Voxelizer software. You can just drag and drop a 3D model into it, voxelize it and make a G-code with a correct printing setup. You can see the whole process in the gallery where different colors of the model correspond to different nozzles. This gave us the possibility to use dedicated settings for each part, for example a different infill. Depending on the size of letters we could 3D print the whole logo or just single letters. We chose the second solution, because it enabled us to make the whole project bigger. Later we used low-energy LED lights and some Plexiglas to finalize the project.


During the process, we used the DUAL PRO extruder mounted on ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer. Single-nozzle based construction of the extruder rules out the possibility of material passively oozing out and staining the print like it can sometimes happen with two-nozzle extruders. Thanks to this we could print with two colors. Also, the ABS material is waterproof which means that the neon can hang outside our office building. The whole 3D printing process took about 10 hours and used less than 1 kg of ABS. The quality of the final sign is amazing. This neon will for sure serve as a great invitation for passersby to visit the ZMorph’s headquarters.