3D Printed Wireless Mouse

Making a high-quality showcase model.

Thanks to 3D printing, designers, and product developers can better refine their projects and quickly fabricate high-quality showcase models.

Paula Szarejko


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a good showcase model is worth tens of thousands. 3D printing gives product designers, architects, and artists from all over the world mean to materialize their ideas and make their point during presentations and investor meetings. To illustrate that Paula Szarejko designed a 3D printed wireless mouse. For this type of equipment, its shape, dimensions, and the way it fits into a hand are crucial for it to succeed on the market. No image can replace a good showcase model here.


It took Paula six iterations to find the most ergonomic shape while using ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer to quickly manufacture prototypes. Once she refined the shape and found the right weight, she switched from time-saving lo-fi settings to the highest ones. After 12 hours a high-quality prototype from white ABS was ready. With sandpaper and car filler, she smoothened the surface of the 3D printed wireless mouse and then painted it with various oil paints. This way it reached the level of detail and quality of the best showcase models.


Designers and companies no longer have to rely on traditional rapid prototyping techniques. 3D printing often takes less time and is a lot less expensive, since the manufacturing process requires less work and less material is wasted during it. This good-looking 3D printed wireless mouse showcase model proves that 3D printing can significantly boost product development. The technology can also help designers in convincing people to their ideas and result in turning these ideas into reality.