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3D Printed Designer Shoes

Fashion that never compromises functionality.

My brand is all about innovation, new technologies, and functional design. 3D printing helps me to develop projects in the right direction.

Silvia Fado


For Silvia Fado using 3D printing in her design and manufacturing process was obvious from the start. She actually made only one completely traditional set of shoes to learn the techniques. From that point on, it’s all about mixing traditional knowledge with rapid prototyping and new technologies in order to make her unique 3D printed designs. For an artist like her, who makes very exclusive and special creations, it would be very difficult (if not impossible) to manufacture single copies of her shoes industrially.


Since Silvia wanted to have full freedom of experimentation, she never had considered using any of the expensive 3D printing services. Instead, she invested in buying her own ZMorph 2.0 S machine. Multifunctional 3D printer with the ability to CNC mill, laser cut and engrave seemed a perfect pick because she loves trying new materials and manufacturing methods. She also plans to add accessories and other 3D printed designer objects to her footwear business.


Silvia 3D prints mostly heels and platforms and then combines them with other materials. In her Carbonalise design, she used carbon fiber filament and strengthened it with a metal strip. In Ray of Liberty shoes for 2016’s New York Fashion Week transparent filament and a source of light allowed her to create a special and unique effect. 3D printing proved to be a great alternative both for prototyping and manufacturing final products. It’s also a huge time saver during the development allowing Silvia to rectify and improve her designs quickly.