ZMorph 3D printed bridge

3D Printed Bridge

3D printing in large-scale construction prototyping.

3D printing is very visual, so when you go with a 3D printed model to a client it can serve better than a 1000 words. Time is money everywhere and the quicker we can present our idea, the better impression we make. That’s why we like 3D printing.

Piotr Zoltowski


Rapid prototyping is one of the most popular applications of 3D printing. The reason why 3D printing is the favorite choice among many professionals is that it allows for reliable and cost-efficient manufacturing. Instead of using more expensive off-site manufacturing methods and time-consuming outsourcing, engineers and designers can use desktop 3D printers to iterate faster and improve their projects quickly and at low costs. The example of Polish company YLE Engineers shows that a desktop size ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer is a great solution also for large scale projects. Thanks to a 3D printed model, YLE Engineers were able to build a massive bridge over Martwa Wisla river in Gdansk, Poland.


Major terrain difficulties prevented the YLE Engineers and the construction team from building the bridge directly on the site. As a result, the bridge had to be built in a different place, moved to its final destination and precisely installed. YLE Engineers used the ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer to create a series of prototypes of the bridge and simulate it in real conditions. Thanks to this, it was easier to discover all possible mistakes in the modular construction and its assembly in order to eliminate them in advance. Moreover, thanks to the 3D printed model, the company was able to devise a plan on how to transport the whole bridge to its destination.


The whole operation was a success. Prototypes 3D printed on the ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer allowed YLE Engineers to overcome all the design and terrain difficulties which resulted in building a massive and durable structure. This innovative construction measuring 125 meters length and impressive 21 meters height with the weight of 2,000 tones was built on a double-track railway from Gdansk to Pruszcz Gdanski. The design of a new crossing also allowed the city to expand the shipping channel under the bridge which significantly increased the number of units allowed to use it. All of that was possible thanks to the ingenuity of YLE Engineers and their high-quality prototypes 3D printed on ZMorph.

3D printed bridge
3D printed bridge
3D printed bridge