3D Printed Baroque Frame

Stylish frame post-produced to perfection.

We specialize in digitization and restoration of art through scanning and 3D printing them on ZMorph machines. Our work is done in a unique space where history meets modern technology.

Get Models Now


Polish company Get Models Now, undertook a project from a client to design and manufacture a stylish frame for his painting. The client wanted it to resemble antique Baroque frames that can be seen in museums and churches. Their first challenge was to make a unique design, split it into 3D printable parts, and provide proper joints. 3D printing allowed them to create complex and detailed ornaments on the frame.


Using ZMorph 2.0 SX, 17 parts were printed to make a frame of 700 mm x 500 mm. With so many parts, it was possible to imitate full-scale stucco works carved on original Baroque frames. But the frame made by GMN is much lighter and manufactured in significantly less time, even including post-production. Art historian and an experience antique restorer used a set of professional treatments to mimic the original look of antique arts and the results are stunning.


Specialized in antique restoration and digitization of the museum collections, Get Models Now designed and manufactured a 3D printed Baroque frame that can fit well into vintage interiors as well as into private collections of art for which it was originally ordered. Printing of all parts took 4 days with some additional time needed for post-production, which added authenticity and antique feel to this original design.