PET-G ZMorph 1 KG

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PET-G 1.75 Filament - Rigid ZMorph PET-G is resistant to temperatures and liquids.

ZMorph PET-G is a fine blend of PET and glycol making the base material even more practical and useful. Mixing PET with glycol prevents corrosion and crystallization effects that can make regular PET filament more fragile. ZMorph PET-G is rigid, resistant to temperatures and liquids. The most popular applications of PET-G are holders, containers, electronic devices housings, transparent elements, precise bearings and gears, and photography accessories.


  • No shrink

  • Good thermal resistance

  • Scratch resistance

  • Good electrical properties


  • Bottles and containers

  • Electronic devices housings

  • Precise bearings and gears

  • Photography accessories

  • Models requiring stability of shape