ZMorph Multitool 3D Printer is designed to be modular, and easy to service. In case of technical difficulty with any of the parts, it can be easily removed and shipped to us for maintenance.

    1. Zmorph Sp z o.o. with its registered office in Wrocław, Tęczowa 57 provides a guarantee for the following products:
      1. Standard plastic extruder module with heated nozzle, stepper motor with planetary gears, temperature sensor and cartridge heater.
      2. Heated bed module with kapton heater, temperature sensor, plug and cables.
      3. Electronics with onboard SD card, connectors and fuses for heaters and motor inputs.
      4. Mechanical parts of X, Y and Z axis, as well as stepper motors.
    2. Guarantor is only liable for the physical defects resulting from the inherent causes in the sold product. Duration of the warranty is counted from the date of purchase of the product by the Buyer. Duration of the warranty is calculated from the date of manufacture of the product registered by Zmorph if Zmorph cannot determine the date of purchase of the product on the basis of data or documents held or received from the Buyer.
    3. Zmorph shall replace or repair the damaged part of the product or the entire product under the warranty. New or refurbished parts or parts equivalent to the original parts shall be used for repair.
    4. Warranty does not cover defects resulting from other causes than indicated in point I.2 above, especially those from result of:
      1. improper use or application of the product;
      2. improper product selection for the existing installation site conditions;
      3. incorrect product installation, maintenance, storage or transport;
      4. mechanical, chemical or thermal damages;
      5. deliberate product damages;
      6. damages ensuing as a result of non-original or inconsistent with Zmorph’s recommendations product use;
      7. random events;
      8. factors being a result of major force;
      9. use of non-original parts or consumables;
      10. due to an external power failure.
      The warranty also does not cover defects that do not affect the functioning of the product in any way, e.g. corrosion.
    5. The warranty does not cover the following parts of products:
      1. Extruders nozzles;
      2. PTFE tubes;
      3. Extruders gear;
      4. Glass of heating bed;
      5. Cutters.
    6. The warranty shall cease to apply in the event:
      1. any product modification by person not authorised by Zmorph;
      2. any repair attempts of product by person not authorised by Zmorph;
      3. interference in the product by person not authorised by Zmorph.
    7. The warranty applies without territorial restrictions.
    8. The warranty shall cover only products purchased directly by the Buyer from Zmorph or from the Zmorph’s distributor, indicated on the Zmorph website. The warranty does not cover products sold as used product.
    9. The terms used in this Warranty and not defined herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms and Conditions of the Zmorph Platform.
    Acceptance of the warranty claim requires:
    1. sending a warranty claim during duration of the warranty to the address of registered office of Zmorph or to the e-mail address;
    2. placing in the claim the product name, the date of purchase, a detailed description of the damage with a description of the defect;
    3. attaching a photo of the defective product and the original invoice or receipt issued to the defective product;
    4. delivery of the defective product to the registered office of Zmorph at the customer's expense, as determined after submitting the warranty claim.
    1. Zmorph shall repair the defective product within:
      1. 21 days, if the customer submitting the warranty claim is located in Poland;
      2. 40 days, if the customer submitting the warranty claim is located outside Poland.
    2. Zmorph may refuse to repair the defective product until the Buyer pays the full price for this product.
    3. The warranty expires if the delay in payment of a part or the whole price for the product exceeds 40 days.
    1. Zmorph is not required to modernize or modify existing products after launching their new versions.
    2. Zmorph shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Buyer related to the defect of the product, in particular related to damage of other device, loss of potential benefits or costs of replacement of the product. The first sentence does not apply to the Buyer who is the Consumer.
    3. The warranty does not limit the rights of the Buyer who is the Consumer resulting from the law provisions regarding the warranty for product defects.