ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer is designed to be modular and easy to service.In case of technical difficulty with any of the parts, it can be easily removed and shipped to the manufacturer for maintenance.

  1. Scope of the warranty
    1. Guarantor is only liable for the physical defects resulting from the inherent causes in the sold product.
    2. Duration of the warranty starts at the date of purchase of the product by the initial Buyer. The Date of Purchase is the date specified in the sales invoice. The warranty period of the repaired product is extended by the time which was required to repair the prod- uct (which includes the time from the delivery of the defective product with the complete warranty claim until the date of returning the repaired product to the Costumer).
    3. Warranty does not cover defects resulting from other causes than indicated in clause 1.2, especially any defects resulting from:
      1. improper use or application of the product;
      2. improper product selection for the existing installation site conditions;
      3. improper or inconsistent with User Guide installation (including improper connection to the main power supply), maintenance, storage or transport;
      4. mechanical, chemical or thermal damages;
      5. deliberate product damages;
      6. damages ensuing as a result of non-original or inconsistent with ZMorph’s recommendations or with the User Guide product use;
      7. random events;
      8. factors being result of major force, random events or any other external factors;
      9. use of non-original parts or consumables;
      10. modifications, repair attempts, interference in the product carried out by any other person than ZMorph representative or other representative authorized by ZMorph to carry out any of the above mentioned actions;
      11. continued usage of the product despite occurrences indicating an obvious defect;
      12. improper transport methods provided by the Costumer;
    4. The warranty does not apply to the consumable parts (such as nozzle, PTFE tube, jagger, toothed belts, glass part of the table, bearing) unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or manufacture.
    5. The warranty shall cease to apply in the event of:
      1. any product modification by any person not authorized by ZMorph;
      2. any repair attempts of product by any person not authorized by ZMorph;
      3. other interference in the product carried out by any person not authorized by ZMorph.
    6. The warranty service does not apply to the actions stipulated in the User Guide which the user is obligated to perform on their own and at their own expense.
    7. The warranty applies without territorial restrictions.
  2. Acceptance of warranty claim
    1. The warranty claims may be accepted either at the shop where the product was purchased or at the authorized service or at ZMorph’s registered office.
    2. Acceptance of warranty claim requires:
      1. returning a completed warranty claim during a warranty period to the Service Center;
      2. including the name of the product, the date of purchase, a detailed description of the damage, as well as the description of the defect in the warranty claim;
      3. attaching the original proof of purchase to the warranty claim;
      4. delivering the defective product to ZMorph’s registered office at the Customer's expense.
  3. Claim processing period
    1. The Service Team shall repair the defective product within 14 working days from the date of delivery of the defective product with the complete warranty claim to the correct Service Center.
    2. The claim processing period may be extended by the time necessary to import the required replacement parts of the product. In all cases the Customer shall be informed on the extended claim processing period.
  4. ZMorph’s liability
    1. ZMorph is not required to modernize or modify the existing products after launching their new versions.
    2. ZMorph shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Buyer due to the defect of the product, especially damages related to damage of other devices, loss of potential benefits or cost of replacement of the product. The clause shall not apply to the Buyer who is a Consumer.
    3. The warranty does not waive, restrict or suspend any rights of the Buyer who is a Consumer due to the product being non-compliant with the contract.