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Laser PRO

Transform your ZMorph into a laser cutter and engraver able to achieve wonderful results in a safe working environment.

Expand your workshop with laser

Laser PRO toolhead is equipped with a 2.8W blue laser diode. It’s 50% more powerful than the previous model and can work twice as fast, achieve a higher level of detail and less overburns. It cuts and engraves in materials like plywood, various types of wood, adhesive foils, cardboard, leather, acrylic glass, and others.


Designed with convenience in mind

Thanks to the new electronics and CNC-cut aluminum body with a built-in cooling system, the toolhead is more compact and lighter than the previous model, which makes it easier to mount and use. With aluminum protective tube enclosing the beam and new protective glasses, the Laser PRO toolhead is safe to use and even more reliable than before.


Laser PRO sample project

These working PCBs were engraved with paths using Laser PRO toolhead. Visit Use Cases section for more examples and real-life applications.


Interchangeable toolheads

ZMorph VX features interchangeable toolheads that allow users to switch digital fabrication method in a few quick steps. ZMorph is the only machine on the market with dedicated toolheads and software for single and two-material 3D printing, CNC milling, laser engraving, and thick paste extrusion.

Toolhead change

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Laser PRO

- Construction: High quality CNC-milled aluminum

- Laser type: 2.8W Blue Laser

- Default work speed: 15 mm/s

- Max work speed: 120 mm/s

- Work area: up to 250 x 235 x 85 mm

- Recommended cutting depth: 1 mm for cardboard

- Max cutting depth: 5 mm for cardboard

- Dimensions: 90 x 55 x 165 mm