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Dual Extruder

Create high-quality two-material prints, mix colors, and print colorful images with the innovative Image Mapping.

Perfect for advanced 3D printing

Dual Extruder was designed for the most advanced applications of 3D printing using and combining two 1.75 mm materials for one object. Its vast applications range from rapid prototyping and product design to manufacturing market-ready products. It can print highly detailed and mechanical models with water soluble support, place colorful images on 3D objects, and more.  

Dual Extruder

Multi-material capabilities

The toolhead can work with two plastic filaments of similar printing properties at the same time. Dual Extruder can be used for selective two-material 3D printing, printing with water soluble PVA material, or mixing of filaments like ABS and PLA. 


Multi-material printing samples

These samples made with Dual Extruder include two-material objects, models printed with water soluble support, color mixing, and Image Mapping. Visit Use Cases section for more examples and real-life applications of 3D printing.


Interchangeable toolheads and the new Mixer Hotend

ZMorph VX features interchangeable toolheads that allow users to switch digital fabrication method in a few quick steps. In addition to the toolhead system, the ZMorph Dual Extruder features interchangeable hotends. This unique hotend solution serves two purposes - first, it makes toolhead maintenance easier after many hours of heavy duty work. Second, it will allow you to equip Dual Extruder toolhead with other kinds of hotends, and get a completely new functionality for a fraction of the price.


The Mixer Hotend installed in ZMorph Dual Extruders is a single nozzle hotend solution allowing you to print stunning two-material models and achieve eye-catching gradients and tonal changes thanks to filament mixing mechanism.


ZMorph toolhead change

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- Construction: High-quality 3 mm aluminum frame

- Hot End: interchangeable Mixer Hotend

- Temperature control: 2 thermistors

- Temperature range: 0 – 250C

- Nozzle: 0.4 mm

- Motor: Nema 11 stepper with planetary gear x2

- Extrusion: Direct Drive

- Work area: up to 250 x 235 x 165 mm

- Recommended printing resolution: 0.2 mm

- Supported printing resolution: 0.025 – 0.4 mm

- Extruder dimensions: 170 x 115 x 70 mm