ZMorph - 3D Printed quadcopter

3D Printed Quadcopter

Developing interests with ZMorph.

I always look for new creative challenges. ZMorph, for example allowed me to develop my interests in aviation.

Grzegorz Hodowany


Grzegorz Hodowany was looking for a simple yet functional project, that would allow him to develop his interests in aviation. As a DIY enthusiast with advanced 3D printing skills, he wished to work on something spectacular. That’s why he became interested in 3D printing a functional quadcopter drone.


To print a quadcopter, Grzegorz used a ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer with a plastic extruder 1.75 mm. By using inexpensive and durable ABS material, he managed to manufacture the entire body of the drone for a low price without compromising the quality. After adding the electronics, the quadcopter was fully functional and ready to fly.


3D printing is not only a new technology and alternative to traditional manufacturing techniques. Above all, 3D printing is a community of creative makers like Grzegorz who stay active at online communities such as Thingiverse, YouMagine or Cubify to share and develop various 3D printable objects. ZMorph is a perfect tool for them to quickly manufacture their ideas.

ZMorph 3D printed quadcopter
ZMorph 3D printed quadcopter
ZMorph 3D printed quadcopter