ZMorph 3D printed fashion

3D Printed Fashion

Designing wearable 3D prints.

Thanks to the capabilities of 3D printing and affordable desktop machines like ZMorph, almost everyone can now design their own clothes and jewelry.

Klaudia Filipiak


Young fashion designers don’t hesitate to use innovative technologies during their creative process. Klaudia Filipiak is one of them – since 2013 she creates modern fashion by using new technologies like 3D printing. This way she wants to explore new ways of fashion design and personalization of clothes for every single buyer.


Klaudia used a ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer to manufacture various objects from plastic, rubber and other elastic filaments. She then combined them with various fabrics and made a dozen unique creations for her models to wear. 3D printed jewelry from Paula Szarejko was also used resulting in some mind blowing stylizations.


3D printed fashion collection was first presented during an hour long fashion show at Thessaloniki International Fair in Greece, in 2014. Since then Klaudia and Paula continue their cooperation with ZMorph machine helping them in achieving unimaginable shapes through unique fusions of different materials.