Questpol clamps for fixturing pneumatic cylinders.

3D Printed Clamps for Fixing Pneumatic Cylinders

3D printing functional parts for industrial usage.


The pneumatic cylinders designed at Questpol require custom-made plastic clamps for fixturing. The machinery varies in size, thus the clamps have to be accordingly tailored and 3D printed in different versions. Therefore, there are two options - Questpol can either use outsourcing to order custom-made clamps for fixing the pneumatic cylinders or 3D print them in-house. The first option is time-consuming, not to mention the price of the job. 3D printing service could cost from several dozen up to even a few hundred dollars (depending on the size and materials) and you need to add to that shipping costs. Additionally, you need to spend some time finding a perfect 3D printing service for you. The alternative is to purchase a 3D printer and prepare the parts in-house. This is what Questpol did.


Because all products created by Questpol are custom-made for selected clients, almost all parts need to be fully customized. Hence, it was much easier to purchase a 3D printer and design models within the company than to order prototypes. With a ZMorph 3D printer, Questpol could now design, 3D print, and test custom fixtures in-house, without the need to wait for a middleman. If the fixture didn’t match the device, the company could make another one in one day. 


This way Questpol is able to save on delivery time and money maintaining the same high-quality results. Quespol made fully customized 3D printed clamps for fixturing pneumatic cylinders using ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printer. What’s more, some of the clamps were 3D printed using ESD ABS filaments to minimize the risk of damaging electronic devices with electrostatic discharge. Thanks to the durability of ZMorph VX, Questpol owner is not afraid to use it for big prints - one part of the fixture prints around 17 hours, and the quality is always the same. The fixtures are 3D printed with ABS filament which is possible thanks to the ability to close covers of ZMorph VX to create stable temperature inside. 

Questpol Chairman Piotr Murawski.
Questpol Chairman Piotr Murawski.
Questpol Chairman Piotr Murawski.